Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dasha Hara machinima for BAK

     I have been pretty busy lately and strangely have forgotten to mention that I was commissioned to create a music video for a band named BAK which I completed a few months ago.  I enjoyed working with the band as they were pretty hands off for the most part, letting me interpret their music as a narrative.
     My story is based around a girl who drops her scissors onto the grass when startled during a lightning storm.  The scissors land in the soil, one blade piercing it, creating an almost religious symbol or icon which draws forth an Emperor Moth to perch upon it.  From there other insects are slowly drawn to the mysterious artifact and soon  begin to worship the symbol and its moth.  Soon they begin to fight amongst themselves.  The girl looks down upon the tiny world at her feet and is dismayed to see what her scissors have caused.  A seemingly innocent tool taken and then distorted into something quite different.  After seeing how they have changed, she ponders for a while, then eradicates them.  A simple girl transformed into a  Goddess for a little world of insects who come to embrace her soul.  Or ... rather... her sole.
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