Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Collecting new media art?

    One of the challenges for a virtual artist is to find ways to produce an income.  For example, as a painter people will purchase physical paintings from me to hang in their home or at their business.  Those painting could potentially last  500 years if taken care of properly, then passed from generation to generation.  They know that they possess something tangible.  A sculptor is similar.. you can touch their work and sense the weight of the bronze.  There is substance, texture and mass.  Now I am sure most of you have explained buying something in a virtual world to someone who has never been to one.   You can almost see the wheels turning as they try to grasp the concept of owning something that they feel doesn't really exist.   "Virtual artwork you say? and whats this about a virtual condominum? pish posh!" I kind of imagine a Hugh Grant accent to go along with that but anyway.  So these people will then pay to go see a movie in a theatre, or go to a live concert which also, once the final notes fade, almost ceases to exist.  They reside now only as a memory.  It was the experience or pleasure that was purchased and they leave holding nothing physical.  It is just a mindset really and hopefully it is about to change for new media artists.  I recently had one of my artworks accepted to be sold on a website called s[edition] who state

"Sedition is a revolutionary new way to collect art by the world's leading contemporary artists in digital format.
Experience a whole new world of art and collecting."

.  My work will have an edition of just 100 to be purchased.  They represent some notable artists ranging from Yoko Ono to Damien Hirst. They will be of a very high resolution but it is more about supporting the concept I think.  This could perhaps be an important step for some artists, and to be honest it is much more accessible than a painting on a wall if the future has everyone with a device of some sort that keeps the digital artwork on person by smartphone, tablet or whatever is to come.  You can purchase the work of mine they selected by going to this link  Sadly their watermark covers the poem at the bottom of the machinima... which I have told them is an essential part of the work.. but as of yet are unable to move the text that covers it.  Grrr.  You can see the lower rez version below.

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