First of all please, if you wish to watch the machinima, then do so in HD as the text will be hard to read otherwise.  To choose HD click on the video, then pause it, there is a symbol at the bottom right that looks like a gear or sun and then from there pick the to one at the top that says 1080.  Can go to my youtube site if it is easier

I  have created a machinima for the poem Juniper which is one of the rooms within Imogen and the pigeons narrative on Immersiva.  It is my entry into the University of Western Australia's machinima competition. Also in a fit of productivity I have begun creating a marketplace shop which now contains one item... the sculpture for Juniper.  By clicking the poem on the front of the sculpture it will link your guests to this machinima above.  You can find it on marketplace here...

I should also mention that I have a shop in world  thanks to the generosity of residents Richard Dexterity and Taishatai  the slurl is here ..  It has pieces of most of my recent builds.  All proceeds will go into paying tier for Immersiva.

I have also made curiosity cabinets and little curiosities to put on those shelves if you like a home with interesting little oddities for guests to click on.


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