Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Virtual Art Pecha Kucha by Rowan Derryth

Virtual Art Pecha Kucha from Rowan Derryth on Vimeo.

Rowan Derryth did an interesting Pecha Kucha for a university the other day on virtual art.  The idea was to give a presentation to a group where she was only able to speak about each slide for I think 30 seconds or so before moving on to the next slide.  A talk while on a timer you might say.  Great work Rowan!

The artists she speaks of in order are...

Whiskey Monday
Yooma Mayo
London Junkers / Lizzie Gudkov
Marcus Inkpen
Claudia222 Jewell
Rebecca Bashly
Haveit Neox
Nessuno Myoo / Kicca Igaly
Romy Nayar / Ux Hax
Glyph Graves
Ian Pahute
Rose Borchovski
Bryn Oh
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