Virtual Art Pecha Kucha by Rowan Derryth

Virtual Art Pecha Kucha from Rowan Derryth on Vimeo.

Rowan Derryth did an interesting Pecha Kucha for a university the other day on virtual art.  The idea was to give a presentation to a group where she was only able to speak about each slide for I think 30 seconds or so before moving on to the next slide.  A talk while on a timer you might say.  Great work Rowan!

The artists she speaks of in order are...

Whiskey Monday
Yooma Mayo
London Junkers / Lizzie Gudkov
Marcus Inkpen
Claudia222 Jewell
Rebecca Bashly
Haveit Neox
Nessuno Myoo / Kicca Igaly
Romy Nayar / Ux Hax
Glyph Graves
Ian Pahute
Rose Borchovski
Bryn Oh


jjccc said…
cool video make more
Sally Caves said…
This is really wonderful, Rowan! The Neil Gaiman/Tim Burton resemblance in Bryn's work is something I've noted as well in formal work of mine forthcoming. Great job with all these magnificent artists!
Anonymous said…
Thanks Sally, I've heard about your work and am looking forward to seeing it. Thanks also Bryn for posting!

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