Anna's Many Murders closing

Anna and little Timmy

Just a coincidence
Anna disagreeing with the Judge
One of the unsung art patrons of Second Life is Amase Levasseur. She owns Originalia and is part owner of Art Screamers, but often she flies under the radar of many who follow the arts scene in our virtual world, she is just a very unassuming person. Six months ago Amase offered her region Originalia to host my build Anna's Many Murders and I greatly appreciate her generosity.
Sadly the time has come for Anna's to be removed, but new artists will take over the space, so that in itself is something to cheer about. Anna's Many Murders will remain up until the 28th of September so there is still time to see it again or perhaps for the first time.   This is the slurl..
There is also a real life book should you wish to warp some small child's mind or keep it for yourself and gently warp your own.  You can find it here...

And lastly if you would like to know where the idea came from then this post explains it..


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