Two talks

     I have received possibly two interesting discussions involving virtual art.  I say "possibly two" because the second that I will post was done at MediaLab Prada in Spanish and unfortunately I have no idea what is being said.  The assembled group do talk about SL artists though and it is nice exposure for virtual art.   My stats page for this blog tells me that in the last week people from Spain come to read my blog in the 7th country spot just after Japan.  So there you go, some people will be able to understand the talk and if you do please sum it up for me!  It is kind of compelling to read blog stats though.  You can spend an hour just reading through page after page of things that are not really important but kind of interesting none the less.   Like how long does someone stay on your blog, what country are they from stuff like that.  If you want one for your site a free one is called Statcounter.

This first video is described as "The idea the book is centered on is how “the meteoric evolution of different digital tools and their popularity have revolutionized digital creation. By using any of the three techniques and individual mediums described, or by using a combination of them, we can talk of a new artistic and filmic manifestation that involves virtual sceneries, where the audience can be immersed in new visual, sensorial and narrative experiences: ‘Cinemapop’.”
Theoretical classification and curator: Cristina García-Lasuén"

The other is two recording done at the recent Visual Effects Society event entitled "Immersive Experiences: The Future of Entertainment".  I can not embed the video so you will have to follow this link should you wish to listen to their perspectives.

Part two is here.. and you will even see this blog for a second at the start of it.  This portion of the event was done by Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie – Senior Scientist at the USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies and presents the latest developments in the creation of art within virtual worlds.  A very accomplished and interesting lady.  Sadly some of her dialogue was drowned out by the sounds within Standby when she came in world to show the audience the virtual environment during her talk.


Anonymous said…
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