Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Standby closing

The third and final chapter to my Rabbicorn story is coming to a close at IBM.  I forget exactly when Standby closes but will be in a few weeks, so if you wish to see it then do so now because it likely wont come out again.
It's made up of       14 973 prims so in order for it to come out again it would have to be on an empty sim that someone offered which is just not very likely to happen.  The show itself was quite successful with thousands of visitors and some good news is that IBM have decided to renew the two exhibition spaces for another year which they had considered letting go.

I have been working on the machinima for this build and as soon as I get it finished I will pop it up on here.  Also I have plans on making it into a book as well so will post that when it's ready.

I apologize to those of you trying to contact me over the last three weeks or so as I have not been online as much.  Sadly the person whose wireless I was swiping had the temerity to put a password on their account.  So I have been forced to steal wireless from places with poor signals.. sigh.  Stealing is such a harsh word... lets call it "sharing".  We shared the wireless that they paid for.  Actually my friend Nova says that rather than being a parasite as I described it, I am more a butterfly who samples different wireless connections.  I much prefer her description.   
If you need to catch up on the story so far here are my previous two posts along with the machinima.

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