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ColeMarie Soleil is one of the top machinima artists in virtual worlds. She is constantly being commissioned to make a variety of videos for clients and almost never listens to their direction. There is a great strength in those with the ability to turn down paying jobs if the subject or direction is not to their liking, not to mention if its a client with an attitude. In our first life the client is always right, or so we are told. The client would argue that they are paying and therefore have all the say. In first life business and social interaction to business have been analyzed to the extent that it reflects closer to a conveyor belt mentality than the exchange of ideas.
For example earlier today I heard an interview on CBC where the interviewer asked a question which I now forget. The person being interviewed first said "what a great question!" before going into his response. I have heard this "what a great question" comment many many times over the last few years which makes me think someone with a psychology degree has determined that by validating a question before you answer it either makes the interviewer more apt to work with you during the interview, or perhaps it encourages the listener to think the response is particularly important or rare because the interviewer did a good job in asking something astute. It doesn't necessarily mean the question was "great", it just means the person being interviewed wants to place more emphasis on the importance of their response and that they know and like the response they plan on giving. What becomes kind of weird is that they both must understand the game they are playing while doing the interview.
I recall a few months back both Cole and I being asked to do an interview on the history of machinima for something. I remember thinking the questions were kind of bad, but I tried to answer them anyway. One question asked me what I thought were my own "masterpieces" and why. I responded by saying I didn't really feel comfortable calling anything a masterpiece and that I would likely look pretty conceited if I answered the question as they posed it, and would they mind if I skpped that one. I told Cole this and she sent me her response to the same questions. It went something like this... "I am not answering this question because it is stupid". "This question is silly as you clearly have done no work in learning the history of machinima up to this point, do some research." It went on like this for a bit then she eventually said that she didn't want to be one of the "experts" in their interview. Its the volatile nature of ColeMarie and I love it.

I actually just wanted to show a machinima Cole just made of my build at IBM, but got a bit sidetracked.


Schematic said…
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Schematic said…
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Schematic said…
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Bryn Oh said…
Please don't attack other artists on my blog. It's fine if you wish to attack my work but not others.
Passerby said…
<3 Cole
Anonymous said…
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