A machine poem from Immersiva.  Beautiful music by Tasuku arai / ghost.  If you want to watch it in HD you have to press play first then where you see the number 320p click that and pick the HD one. 

Just checking to see if youtube renders better than bliptv.


Cole Marie said…
I guess I sound like a broken record, and people aren't surprised anymore when I sit here and go on about how dreamy your art is. But it is true. And this sky setting makes me really happy. Is really beautiful. You're a little magician :)
Unknown said…
the BlipTV file plays smoother and appears to have finer detail.

Lovely work <3
Bryn Oh said…
Thanks Cole and Kumi. And you too Anonymous for your sincere comment "Articles are meaningful, and your blog is nice!" And then letting me know about your wholesale goods too, that was very helpful of you. At one point while i was reading your list I had thought a fly was walking down my cheek, but then I realized it was not a fly but rather a single tear of happiness.
Natsuki Morigi said…
Bryn, and Tasuku too,
a beautiful poem and a wonderfully camera work have come together to make a very moving and delightful piece of art.

Always a fan.
Anonymous said…
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