Moby song competition

About a month ago I was sent a message by GeneroTV about a competition to determine the official video for the song "wait for me" by Moby. I was actually working on a sim for the World Expo in Shanghai which fit perfectly to the song, so was able to put together something. I will post more about the Worlds Fair in a few weeks as its a pretty huge event that myself and some other people are involved with. 250 countries and an expected attendance of 70 million. And we have managed to get second life there. But back to Moby. So most of the videos are using human actors etc as is to be expected, and I am not sure how receptive they will be to my video not to mention the vast majority are really wonderful, but in a way it stands out now as being unique. Not to mention its using machinima and modern concepts such as ummm persistent virtual worlds. Its a tough competition and I don't really expect much, but would be fun if the official music video were of second life and something I made. Anyway, I will put it below and hopefully you like it. If you do please vote for it too. Be sure to watch it in HD as the normal mode looks terrible. The button is to the top right.

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Anonymous said…
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