This might work......

AM Radio kindly put this on his geocities for people

Thanks to Heloise Merlin and K for the suggestions!

Ok so I have put the skies and a little note on divshare for people to download. I think you can just copy and paste them into your second life folder. This is what the note says...

put the sky here

C:\Program Files\SecondLife\app_settings\windlight\skies

yours might be slightly different than this but not much!

Reboot second life and it should now be in your drop down list for the

environment editor.

World->Environment Settings->Environment Editor->Advanced Sky tab_>drop

down menu pick either bryn oh's condos in heaven or condos in heaven #2

If this did or didn't work then someone please tell me. (Except Elina Radek .. your computer stinks... so sorry.. but its true. )


Anonymous said…
The second and third file appear to be the same (or at least to have the same name). And wouldn't it be easier to just zip the lot for a single download?
Anonymous said…
Yay! Downloaded and installed!

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