Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Catching feathers

     A few months ago Anejka Cerise commissioned me to build something for the Sparta region. 
A build with a poem and machinima for their sim.  I looked through my catalogue of characters and timelines to decide which to write about and add more depth to.  The last few were Lady Carmagnolle from the abandoned amusement park in the Rabbicorn story,  26 tines which was a laboratory for machines and then Tilt-a-Whirl which showed Juniper and Flutter together.  The character I chose to create a work around is one who I wrote a history for, but had not really spent a lot of time on in the past.  In my mind I know his connections to everything over the last ten years or so, but I know that it is not obvious to those who follow the story.  The main character for Catching feathers is the Scientist who built the Rabbicorn and various other machines in my stories.  He is just known as "the scientist" in my mind and I never do give him a proper name.  In fact he is in the much larger story I am writing and even there i skirt around his name.   He works for the government creating functional robots for everything from industry to the military.
     In the Rabbicorn story he built, secretly on the side, a machine that could love... and that machine was the Rabbicorn.  His "love" upgrade was later purchased by Kumiko's parents for Mr Zippers in the Singularity of Kumiko.  After creating the Rabbicorn he determined that he would have to hide it or give it away as he knew that once it was discovered, and due to its AI advancement the Rabbicorn would be confiscated and taken apart to study, so he gave the Rabbicorn to a stranger who then gifted it to his son on his birthday.  He is also the lead scientist who has gone home for the night and left the two characters alone to meet in 26 tines.  All the machines in the displays in 26 tines are created by this same man whose life revolves around building for the government which leaves him feeling empty and unfulfilled.  In each of these connections his background was not really displayed so in this poem machinima I have talked about about his life.  Essentially he is an accomplished man with few social graces.  He is not exciting or witty nor adventurous and well traveled.  He is a simple man who goes through life watching others seem to fit in perfectly while he is hardly even seen on the sidelines.  He wants someone to share his life with and in the end his abilities allow him to build rather than meet someone to love.  He wants to create his own "angel" from the dance floor and goes so far as to build her wings.  To finish these wings he must lure and catch little birds who he must then pluck resulting in their death.
      It is the dichotomy of taking life to create one for himself.. or rather a half life.  He is not meant to be a perfect character who we sympathize with completely, but one who does some good things and some bad.. as do we all.  Is he just lonely or instead creepy?  many of my characters are built this way to encourage discussion.  It asks the questions such as can we build our perfect partner or does a perfect partner require the intangibles and annoying bits too.  It is wrong to create a girl such as he has decided to do.. to give up essentially or is it merely human progression.  A type of evolution of the mind where we leave the body behind in a similar way the hermit crab discards its shell.

Catching feathers will open on Sparta empire region Monday 4th June 2018, 12.30 pm slt /21hrs central Europe  With special thanks to Chris Komashko for the sound design and music in the machinima.


Sunday, May 6, 2018

New Bronze Sculpture "The long-legged Maskitt"

Long-legged Maskitt
     About six months ago I was approached by Art Blue to create twenty bronze sculptures from a work I had created called the "Long-legged Maskitt".  Fourteen of these sculptures would be given as awards to artists at the Santorini Biennial in Greece (opening in November 2018) while I would keep one for myself, and the other five would be put up for sale.  I made these five available for a few days first to my patrons list who had purchased the original bronze work called "The Dancer".                                                                                                                                                      
The Dancer
All five sold and some were a bit upset they didn't get a opportunity to buy one so I have begun the process of creating five more.  The Long-legged Maskitt is available for $500 USD + shipping and stands six inches tall.  Payment will be through paypal and they all should be completed within a month.  If you are interested in purchasing one then please contact me at brynohhh@gmail.com 

   What is the Maskitt?  So as many of you know who follow this blog, my work is one long story which began around eleven years ago with Condos in Heaven.  That was essentially my first large scale narrative build but there were a few before that like Willow, Vessels Dream and Angler Girl which were little works fleshing out characters and where I was getting the idea that second life as a virtual space would be a perfect medium for me to essentially create paintings with duration and interaction.   I think of my first true immersive chapter as being the Rabbicorn story shown at IBM.  Each of my characters live in the same world that I have created and over the years I have, and still continue to, tell stories which add layers to the characters and world.  Many of the characters will overlap at different times or make brief appearances in other stories.  Some of the characters have stories which I keep mysterious and obscured until it is time to explain who they are and how they connect to others.  Of the new single scene poems currently on Immersiva you will see Lady Carmagnolle who stands on the stage
Long-legged Maskitt
with her rocks, she lives in the abandoned theme part where the Rabbicorn and Daughter of Gears eventually find themselves.  In 26 tines the girl robot who connects to the robot boy in the jar at night when the Scientists have gone home for dinner and sleep, are actually machines in the same laboratory by the same Scientist who built the Rabbicorn.   That  scientist is about to show up again in a new build to open in a few weeks time. 
Long-legged Maskitt
Tilt-a-whirl shows the relationship between Flutter and Juniper,  two characters from Hand and Imogen and the pigeons.  So there are little spidery strings and webs connecting all the characters together and the Maskitt is also one such character.  I should also mention that one of the themes for this world my characters inhabit is one where the human race with the help of a singularity AI are inventing new technologies faster than they can determine if they should even be introduced.  New creatures are being genetically manufactured while others become extinct such as the bees and rabbits.  Some of these extinct creatures are what helped Kumiko decide
Maskitt in world
to stay within her coma induced state rather than rejoin the "real" world in the Singularity of Kumiko.  The Maskitt is a creature that is a mix of greyhound and a giraffe that stands a few stories tall.  Its head is covered with a filtration mask and it was introduced to purify the air in polluted industrial regions.  They wander like a herd and inhale the pollutants while giving off fresh air.    Here is a picture of one in world.  Anyway so if you are interested in purchasing the Long-legged Maskitt please don't wait too long to message me!