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Bronze Epoch dancer limited edition

  The Brittle Dancer      A few years ago I created bronze sculptures for the Rabbicorn and Daughter of gears and after a variety of issues that slowed down casting them they were finally ready... on December 26th.  I advertised them and gah was the worst time to release something naturally.  Everyone had already bought presents and spent their money.  Soooo with that in mind I created a new limited edition series of a variation of the Hand Dancer in bronze.   It is available with the opening of the Brittle Epoch on November 1st.  If you are interested in purchasing one then message me in world or by email with the # you wish to purchase.  There is one of each and the cost is in US dollars and does not include shipping.  They are sent with tracking and generally arrive in a week so plenty of time to arrive before xmas.      And thank you to my Patreon supporters who help so much with me being able to create the art I do.  If you would also like to support my project

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