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Good news update

York University student exploring Hand in VR  Hello everyone I have some good news!  "Pfft good news during 2020? what do you take us for Bryn? we are not so gullible!"    Hey its 2021! things are going to look up! Ok pretend conversation over and now lets get to the yay of it all.  I will preface though.   Over a year ago I spoke to Dr Carolyn Steele about a course that would be taught at York University and it would have a large part on the artwork of Bryn Oh.  One thing needed though was to have "Hand" the current exhibit on Immersiva, available for five years so the students could go see it in both second life and Sansar.  The problem, in hindsight, was that I didn't have a place to build new things anymore.  I built Mythical creatures and then later White Veil with Cica but they were smaller creations.   So the good news is I approached Linden  Lab with my dilemma to see if they had any ideas and they are giving me two Gateway regions.  A gateway region is

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