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Kean Kelly

     Often I will be linked to an article on Second Life and discover it is again written by a reporter who was given an assignment to write about second life and rushed something out to a deadline.  The easiest path towards clickbait often revolves around virtual sex, so they write about that.  In all fairness they arrive as a noob and have no idea what to do as Second Life is designed for the user to create the world.. they give us the land to stand on and we create the space.  It is mildly amusing and perplexing when they confide, almost in a written whisper, to their readers that there is virtual sex.  What is I find odd is that they are surprised.  The human species might be the horniest species on this planet.  Our media is obsessed with it and I read once that the rapid rise of the internet was spurred in large part by people wanting to get faster access to their porn.   I would actually be shocked if a free and open virtual space didn't have elements of sex in it.  It is ev

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