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Brittle Epoch on Steam and Lobby Cam wins award

  The Brittle Epoch is now available on Steam .   Special thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for their support.   Over the past year I have been learning Unreal Engine in order to recreate my Second Life work in a format that is not so ephemeral.   Often my artworks created in Second Life must shut down as it is quite expensive to host them, so with that in mind I wanted another way to preserve my work outside the machinima format.   Speaking of.. the machinima for Brittle Epoch is coming soon!  Actually I have other news on machinima too.   I am pleased to have won best Machinima award at the Touchstone Independent Film Festival for my Lobby Cam machinima ( which is also on Steam ) and thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts for their support in that one. You know what?   I am just going to post it below because why not.   I don't post on my blog lots anymore so why not shoehorn the whole pantload of stuff into one post?!!  People tell me.. Bryn you need to be efficient with you

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