Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Talk on Immersiva

I will be doing a talk at 1pm second life time on friday the 30th at Immersiva on the artistic concept of Immersiva. Sounds confusing. If your interested in finding out where I think art is going and what I am trying to do then come listen. I am doing this for the Caerleon island group and the final result will be a book on second life where I am doing a chapter on Immersion... or so I am told. I really hate long chat talks so I plan on making it 20 min or so, and I will likely lead a tour of Immersiva when I am done talking. So this is all for Georg Jannick a wily prof from University of Massachusetts at Boston. But I will also be opening my Condos in Heaven build this weekend as well.
It will be February 1st at the University of Kentucky sim which held the wonderful show by AM Radio last month. The U of KY sim is really one to watch as they are offering plenty of prims and have the fantastic Tezcatlipoca Bisani as the art curator. http://andrewsempere.org/secondlife_kentucky.cfm
I actually just read what Tez wrote about me above and I love it. He distilled what I do better than I think I could. Wonderful writing Tez.

So if you are planning on coming to see Condos in Heaven please download the sky setting... its very imortant! I built it for this setting and it would bug me if you didnt use it. So here is the spot to download the xml file again. http://brynoh.blogspot.com/2008/11/this-might-work.html

Thursday, January 22, 2009

#8 Jojorunoo Runo's Pervy Room

#11 Madcow Cosmos unfinished thing
#10 Ub Yifu's Don Quixote Avatar
#9 Spiral Walcher's "Tunnel of Light"
#8 Jojorunoo Runo's Pervy room

Hotel Dare was a great art venue which let invited artists create something within the Hotels many rooms. Dizzy Banjo made a large checkerboardish thingy which played musical notes as you walked on it while Four Yip made a wonderfully fun bedroom. As I was making my way through I came to Jojorunoo's build.
I walked into a seedy little sliver of a room and immediately loved the colour palette. It reminded me of a little place I lived in at Bathurst and Queen which I shared with a squirrel. He chewed through the screen on my window after I shared some peanuts with him. On numerous occasions I woke up to find him staring at me. Creepy. But I digress. So I came into Jojo's build had a look and liked it fine. Left and went down the hall to find someone sitting in the other room. They had watched me cycle through all the animations on that bed with nary a word. But that is what I loved about this build. It totally worked on me.
Its like those twist movies. The sixth sense and the crying game both worked great if you didn't know the secret. But what also worked nicely was the contrast between rooms. In the small sliver of a room it was dirty and heavily textured. Lots of obstacles to navigate around and a clautrophobic feel to about it. Not to mention a Madonna and Child painting. However, when you got into the other room it was elegant and minimal. The chair's pose was relaxed and gave the impression that the person sitting there was unhurried and not the least bit ashamed at secretly observing someone. They had a cigarette slowly burning down which makes it a cigarette not smoked due to a nicotine fit but rather one of enjoyment. I absolutely loved this fun little build. Sadly, Hotel Dare has now closed and the Pervy room is gone from there. So IM Jojo and maybe she will bring it out for you too see. But don't call it the Pervy room because she probably won't know what your talking about.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

#9 Tunnel of Light by Spiral Walcher

Some of the first things in second life to really make me take notice were done by the Albino AM Radio. I remember being at IBM 6 sandbox and seeing a top hat made by Spiral Walcher. It was hollow and filled with a scene from the Far Away sim. Actually it was a toss up whether I was going to put the top hats here or use the Tunnel of Light. I chose the tunnel because at the time it blew me away more than his wee hat universes. Imagine back... far back.. to the time before glow... It was the time of bling. Everyone and their dog had three layers of bling going and we all felt blingtastic. It was the fashion equivalent of the 80's Flashdance movie. So there we were blinging away and Spiral was working in Windlight on glow. One day he said "Bryn your so cool I really look up to you .. come let me show you something i made" Ok. He never actually said that but somehow I managed to come see it. And going from no glow to glow was shocking to me. And then I crashed. And then I logged back in and then I crashed. Log crash log crash. Damn Windlight was death to my computer. Eventually I coaxed the surly little box into letting me go through it all without crashing and when I was done it had become a milestone in my mind.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

#10 Ub Yifu's avatar

#11 Madcow Cosmos's unfinished build
#10 Ub Yifu's Don Quixote Avatar

There are many great avatars within second life. My favorite is Ub Yifu's
version of Pablo Picasso's drawing on the literary character Don Quixote. What attracts me is the interpretation I make to Ub Yifu walking around as Don Quixote within second life. Don Quixote was a character in a book by Cervantes. He was a middle aged man who read stories of chivalry and believed every word. A man obsessed with an earlier time who slowly sank into insanity.
In the book Don Quixote went to an inn which he thought was a castle and was knighted by the innkeeper in order to get rid of the insane old man. Him and his squire Sancho Panza went
forth having adventures that mainly occurred due to Don Quixote's madness. A classic one was
him fighting windmills in the belief that they were in fact giants. Don Quixote was eventually brought back to his rural farm to his niece, housekeeper, priest and barber. They secretly burned all his books on chivalry and eventually convinced him he was not a knight. Don Quixote became sane again and fell into a deep melancholy. He lost his will to live and as he lay dying they attempted to convince him he was Don Quixote again in order to save his life. They failed and Don Quixote died both sad and sane.
Ub Yifu goes through second life and creates traditional works of art (as far as sl art can be called traditional) done by the masters of an earlier time. Many of his sculptures are recreations of these masterpieces. Around him is the art of texture rotation, glowing spheres and fancy doodads. But he sticks to the art he loves and cherishes, creating wonderful artwork.
His avatar gives life to a two dimentional drawing and creatively questions how we percieve ourselves within the frontiers of a virtual world.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Jellyfish room machinima

A better version is here .... The Jellyfish room

This is a machinima I made this week. The music
is from an occasionally fantastic band called Grandaddy

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I was wandering around Rezzable sandbox for what seemed like the 400th straight sunny day in second life when I came across Madcow and this build. Oh by the way its my top 11 now. Seems I miscounted. Anyway, so I stumbled upon this great build and was captivated by the sheer creativity of Madcows creatures. It went back into his inventory later that day and I never heard of it again. You see Madcow was making it interactive with scripts and scripts are irritating. He lost the zest for this build and shelved it. Thats the nutty thing with Madcow. He is so prolific that he can create a massive build of 5000 prims and discard it. As it turned out his discard was one of my favorites.
Its a carnival freak show of strange creatures from .. well.. I guess other planets. The Huggy Bear was one of my favorites, and I can imagine how he was going to animate it. Going from cute little teddybear into razor toothed Pinchy McNasty. Luring fat little children with sticky candy fingers over with its soft sit-on-me appearance.
My video is fairly crappy and i forgot to take off my foggy sky preset so I would suggest everyone poke and prod Madcow to finish this build if you would like to see it properly.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bryn Oh's 10 favorite second life builds

Starting next week I will begin to post my favorite 10 things in second life. These will be builds which really captured my imagination. They may not be the best things in second life nor the most difficult technically (though some are) but they are my favorites. Number 10 may be a massive construction of 8000 prims and 9 may be a wee little 100 prim thing. And I should also say that these are my favorites at this particular moment. Six months ago they would be different and six months from now different again. I have decided to include only one piece from each artist, and it may be the piece that I like but not the best thing they have ever made. So I guess what I am trying to say is that I am not making a list of the 10 greatest things ever built in second life, but rather just 10 things I like.

Below is an example
It is a fun little monkey the late Wo7 Zarf built.
Under normal situations its very smooth
but I chose this machinima because the lag broke it up a bit
and I like that for some reason.

I will do one per week starting next week!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Something I find interesting as it relates to the idea of creating a fully immersive environment within second life. Granted this is well into the future and not the type of technology to be used, but the idea is there. Bringing one fully into an environment to the extent that they suspend their disbelief.

Swedish researchers create body-swap illusion

Wednesday, Dec 03, 2008 4:4PM UTC

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Researchers using closed-circuit televisions to
create an illusion have made volunteers virtually swap bodies, even
making women believe they were in a man's body and vice-versa.

The experiment, reported in the Public Library of Science journal PLoS
ONE on Tuesday, shows it is possible to manipulate the human mind to
create the perception of having another body, the Swedish researchers

It helps explain how humans understand the limits of their own bodies,
Valeria Petkova and Henrik Ehrsson of the Karolinska Institute in
Stockholm reported.

They set up a series of experiments aimed at fooling their volunteers,
each an extension of a common illusion in which people can be fooled
into thinking a rubber hand is their own.

For the illusion, the volunteer's real hand is concealed and stroked
at the same time the visible rubber hand is. The brain will often
trick the volunteer into truly feeling as if the rubber hand is his or
her own hand.

Petkova and Ehrsson went further, using a closed-circuit camera to
fool their volunteers into believing a rubber mannequin was in fact
their own body -- and eventually, that another human being was.

"This effect is so robust that, while experiencing being in another
person's body, a participant can face his or her biological body and
shake hands with it without breaking the illusion," they wrote.

They started with a life-sized mannequin.

"Two closed-circuit television cameras were positioned on a male
mannequin such that each recorded events from the position
corresponding to one of the mannequin's eyes," they wrote.

"A set of head-mounted displays connected to the cameras was worn by
the participants, and connected in such a way that the images from the
left and right video cameras were presented on the left and right eye
displays, respectively, providing a true stereoscopic image," they

"Participants were asked to tilt their heads downwards as if looking
down at their bodies. Thus, the participants saw the mannequin's body
where they expected to see their own."

As in the rubber hand illusion, the experimenters touched the
volunteers' bodies at the same time as they touched the mannequin.

"...it was evident that the participants had felt the mannequin's body
to be their own body," they wrote.

Finally, they tried a full body swap between two volunteers and it worked.

The illusion only goes so far. The researchers said they could not
fool their volunteers into thinking they were a box, for example.

(Reporting by Maggie Fox; Editing by Julie Steenhuysen)