Bryn Oh's 10 favorite second life builds

Starting next week I will begin to post my favorite 10 things in second life. These will be builds which really captured my imagination. They may not be the best things in second life nor the most difficult technically (though some are) but they are my favorites. Number 10 may be a massive construction of 8000 prims and 9 may be a wee little 100 prim thing. And I should also say that these are my favorites at this particular moment. Six months ago they would be different and six months from now different again. I have decided to include only one piece from each artist, and it may be the piece that I like but not the best thing they have ever made. So I guess what I am trying to say is that I am not making a list of the 10 greatest things ever built in second life, but rather just 10 things I like.

Below is an example
It is a fun little monkey the late Wo7 Zarf built.
Under normal situations its very smooth
but I chose this machinima because the lag broke it up a bit
and I like that for some reason.

I will do one per week starting next week!


sororNishi said…
great monkey...:))) I love it.

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