Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The singularity of Kumiko and Ray Caesar

 There are a few things to talk about for this post.  First is that the Singularity of Kumiko has been open a week now and I am happy with the turn out so far.  It is capped at 15 avatars but still getting upwards of 600 visitors a day which is more than I had expected.  Imogen and the Pigeons was getting thousands a day but there was a higher avatar cap of 30 I believe.  There have been some insightful posts such as and as well as the inevitable complaints.  Generally those are coming from the odd photographer who feel it is too dark or they get killed by Mr Zippers while composing a shot.  My response to them is that I do not make make artwork for pictures.  There are plenty of pretty sims built for that purpose.  It is actually pretty arrogant to assume I would adjust my artwork to fascilitate your hobby, which reminds me of a comment made for Imogen and the Pigeons when it opened last year.  Someone said to me that they "Didn't want to do work in order to see art".  There is this belief, by some, that art should be offered with eyes lowered on a silver platter.  Some are accustomed to overly nice Wallmart greeters or restaurants whose servers are constantly asking how the food is, or should you take a sip of water they are magically at your shoulder refilling your glass with three drops.  I am thinking locally of a restaurant called the Mardarin but I am sure this strategy of overly decadent treatment exists everywhere.  I find it a bit debasing and it makes me uncomfortable, but I understand the intention of the restaurant, Wallmart or whatever to try to make the guest feel like Royalty.  Its a type of fantasy.  Art will, hopefully, never decline to that level.  I spent four months building the Singularity of Kumiko, I charge exactly 0L to see it.  If you can't spend five minutes setting up the windlight then seriously, go away it is not for you.  I have actually only received a handful of complaints like that but still it is annoying.  Rant over.
   I really wish I was still living in Italy at the moment as there is a great show to see.  It is at and has the work of Ray Caesar and Anita Kunz.  Anitas work is great and Ray Ceasar is one of my favorites so if you happen to live in either Rome or Torino then have a look and tell me if it was completely awesome and how much his work sells for there! 

Also thank you Hope Leissa for buying  me at auction for 47,000 Linden in support of the Feed a Smile charity.  Very generous of you.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

MaPea Auction

      Hey that's me in the picture there!... why didn't anyone tell me I looked so freaking weird?  I am all  white and shit and wtf is that horns on my head?  Look at that old burlap sack I am wearing!  Well at least I don't look like Dax' Anyway,  so I am in an auction as you might have guessed and it is for a great cause.  To feed children.  I think many of us may forget what it is really like to be hungry, and for children to suffer in such a way is heartbreaking.  Children around the world are the same, innocent and pure and really just wanting to feel safe.   To be completely honest, I am a fairly boring person, and should you end up winning me I will prove it to you.  What you are really doing is giving money to feed children with a very small bonus of doing whatever you want with me.  We can hang out and chat, I can help you with machinima or art, grant writing or perhaps even build you something.  Take you on a tour of my new build The Singularity of Kumiko or whatever.  Its up to you.  The SLURL is here        There are some great deals out there.  Ole Etzel for 1000L are you serious?  Naxos Loon for 650L?  Misprint Thursday for 350L?  Cutea Benelli for 1500L?   Below is the official info as supplied by MadPea.

The bidding runs from February 15th 2014 right the way through to February 23rd, where it culminates in a series of live appearances from some of Second Life’s most famous artists, creators, musicians and bloggers, all of whom will be available for anyone and everyone to bid on. There’ll also be entertainment and music provided by popular singers and MC’s, with KatRose Serendipity, Shannon Oherilhy, Noma Falta, Marky Helstein and Kess Crystal being just a few of over a dozen performers scheduled to appear throughout the day!

Each auctionee has personally put together a special selection of treats for their winning bidder that amount to an experience that is truly Once in a Second Lifetime. With big names like Bryn Oh, Bernhard Drax, Queen Pea Kiana Writer and Jaimy Hancroft all going on the block, MadPea hopes to raise over 1,200,000L for Feed A Smile’s projects, ultimately feeding over 400 children for an entire month!

For more information on this amazing event, or to offer yourself up for auction, please contact Kiana Writer, Bobbi Bashir or Fugazi Rubanis in-world. Requests for comment for print or publication from any MadPea staff should be sent to Fugazi Rubanis.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Singularity of Kumiko

The Singularity of Kumiko
 On February 14th 2014 my new immersive work will open on Immersiva.  There are, as usual, some specific settings which need to be set up for this artwork.  The difference this time being that the settings are essential for the story to work properly.  At the entrance are some fairly simple things to do which should take perhaps five minutes.  I have directions for Singularity viewer and the default SL viewer 3, but the best viewer to use is Firestorm as it has the most effective windlight and shadow settings available.

     This artwork will use some features in a unique way allowing for a quite different experience which, sadly, is fairly demanding on your computer.  I have tested extensively and have found that most are able to run, while experiencing minimal lag, the artwork on mid range computers.  To help keep lag minimized I will cap the avatar limit on Immersiva to 10-15.  As with Imogen and the Pigeons, I am attempting to look at the virtual medium and determine what is unique about it over other mediums such as painting, sculpture and cinema. Then I work towards using those strengths to create an immersive experience that is specific to a multi user environment.  Some things that can help with the immersion is if you are able to turn the lights down low in the room as you explore, as well as turn up the ambient volume.  Essentially you will need a special windlight, shadows enabled and a headlamp. I should also mention that while it is a love story of sorts... it also possesses an element of danger so you will need to be a careful.  The artwork is open ended and you may feel lost at certain points, but that sense of anxiety is essential to the narrative.

I hope you will enjoy it.