Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Untrust Us

I was playing about with sky settings and added some text as a water texture for this machinima. This is a band called Crystal Castles whom I adore. They use an old apple chip in a keyboard for retro video game sound effects in their tunes.

Discovered something interesting to do with sky settings with the help of IBMs Jessica Qin. If you and those coming to your sim use a viewer called "restrained life" then sky settings can be set on your computer if you touch something containing the settings. It worked in tests where all one had to do was click on a ball I had that contained the settings and instantaneously they were implemented. So if it works in a viewer it should not be too difficult to incorporate into second life with similar coding. Here is the jira again.

About 30 people have voted since I posted it the other day, so if you are a blogger or have friends who owe you a favour then please post about the jira or make your friends vote for it after giving them a stern talking to. Just say something like "hey dude remember when I bought you those prim underpants at that store that one time? well now its time you paid me back...." I guess you should customize it to something that actually happened but you understand what I mean.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Particle Princess Colemarie Soleil

Last week I went to an extraordinary event in Second Life. It was an hour long particle show put on by Colemarie Soleil at Inspire space park. I have, in the past, seen a few events using particles for things such as firework shows etc but generally they have not been that impressive. I think the reason is that particles are often used to try and mimic a first world event. Thats fine, but at a certain point we need to branch out and say to ourself that we are in a virtual environment with no rules. Using particles to create say the fire in a campfire, is trying to keep a hold on first life. I appreciate the technical skills needed to create these things but the real impressive ones to me are those that create content for the new virtual world. Things that come into existence as a result of the new environment we live in. Colemarie isn't trying to mimic anything in first life, she emotes particles as an expression of her being. They express her emotions like a form of language. Watching her perform was a hypnotizing experience. Particles undulated amongst the crowd sometimes violently and at other times a slow mesmerizing caress. The crowds emotions reflected in the tempo.
What makes this a unique second life experience is that she is not separate from the performance. Everything emanates from her avatar. And her avatar is a character. She is not off to the side directing, but rather part of the narrative itself. I am having a hard time explaining but the show is about a character, Colemarie the faerie, and the particles are, if you know Colemarie, not an addition to her character for one night but more an exhaling of her avatar. Her natural ability. Its just Colemarie breathing.

This was a portion of the show....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Estate / Sim Windlight preset / day cycle options

As of right now sims follow a standard 24 hour cycle. When a person arrives to a sim they can see it as the sim owner wished by going to region default, but other than that there is not much variation from sim to sim.
Since I have been in second life there have been a handful of "new" things to pop up which change the way we see or interact in this world. There are the unfortunate crazes like bling, but the big ones i am talking about are thing like sculpties. Or when voice was added.. or glow. some things make a huge difference and one which would have the same kind of impact across the grid is to allow for custom sky settings for sim owners. What this means is that I could use the already existing custom tools to build skies and have them set to region default. People would arrive to Immersiva and suddenly be put into not a mere sunset or nice sunrise but something new and different.
The sky settings would allow for every sim to have its own particular feel and would revolutionize the way we see second life in a relatively cheap alteration to the already existing code. What Linden Labs does right now is to have what they call jira's. Jiras essentially are wish lists that people vote on for a wide range of features. Linden labs looks to see which ones are the most popular and decide to work on them. I am told that if a jira reaches 500 votes then they will begin to take it seriously. So the jira for custom sky settings stands at 327 people voting for it. Its been sitting there for a year or so. Would everyone who visits this blog take two seconds to vote for this jira so that I may one day be able to have skies such as in the video below for all to see when they arrive at my sim. Here is the jira. Please vote.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Immersiva - Tuesday, September 15th, on Live n Kick'n

Thank you Pascale Illyar for letting me know about my buggering up the dates. I had said the event was on Tuesday September 17th..

Anyway the event is TODAY! so come if you like.

On tuesday September 15th a show called Live n Kick'n will be filmed at Immersiva with the intention of showcasing both the great Singer Winston Ackland and Immersiva the sim I built which Dusan Writer sponsors. Brekka Nightfire wrote a very nice intro to the event which I have shamelessly copied and pasted below. Are you allowed to copy and paste things from other blogs? I don't know but I think you can.

Tuesday, September 15th, on Live n Kick'n

Come join us for another wonderful installment of Live n Kick'n. Brought to you this week from the Bryn Oh Immersiva sim! <--- Here at 9pm SLT! Singer Musician Winston Ackland appeared on “Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe” February 09, to tell us about how he got to submit one of his songs for the blockbuster Holiday film “Marley and Me” starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. Winston describes his sound and influence as...old blues guys, moptops, depressed 70s minstrels, glam crooners, and good ventilation noise. So basically make your own comparisons. His songs have humor, pathos and irony and often just good times associated with them. He has sold real Life Albums under his real life alt, with a great deal of success but loves second life for the fantasy and ability to play his music from his home studio. Any audience member at a Winston Ackland show is bound to laugh, sing and dance and basically have a damn good time!

Winston has agreed to perform on our next episode of Live n Kickin, on the 15th September at 9pmslt. He will be performing at the Bryn Oh Sim, Immersiva, a stunning full Sim Art installation in Second Life, imagine a cross between James and the Giant Peach, and Steam Punk and you might have some idea of Bryn Oh’s installation but even then you have only scratched its surface.

Bryn Oh is a sort of second life "Ghost artist" for a Toronto Oil painter. She held her recent installation at IBM called the Rabbicorn, her sculpture is a combination of mystery, story telling, poetry with steam punk influences. If you don’t spend time with her work you will miss many of her hidden mysteries, the poetry tells the story.

In this extraordinary environment of Immersiva we are encouraging audience members to embrace the steam punk theme to compliment the venue.

This will be a show not to miss either online at or in person as part of the Music Video!

Come along this Tuesday 22nd a bit before 9pm

Friday, September 4, 2009

Rabbicorn back story

The Daughter of Gears

The Rabbicorn story is now on Immersiva. Inside the build was a machinima backstory on the Daughter of Gears showing how the two stories were tied together. This was the hidden machinima.