"Irrevocably" is a new sculpture
I have just made. As would be expected it
has a secret way to begin the poem
that tells its story. I have it sitting
out at Caerleon Island which you can
find in my picks. While you are here try and climb the Tower.. only Lyndzay Mielli has gotten up so far.
and there is a nice Sculpture at the
top for almost free. Naxos Loon even used his chimp av but he still couldn't get up. HA! take that naxos.


Anonymous said…
Woot! All the way to the top [after many many falls , which I'm sure gave you a chuckle Bryn ;) ]

It's a fun way to spend some time, plus see Bryn's great work. I love all the textures and the little rooms oh and the mantis excellent Always worth the trip :) ~Lyndz

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