The Rabbicorn story scene two and three

The next scene is of the Rabbicorn in a cart being driven home from the laboratory.  After creating the Rabbicorn and seeing its capacity to love actually succeeding as a program she felt that perhaps she had created a type of life.  Where we feel emotions from thoughts that trigger chemicals that then trigger say a smile for pleasure, or a fast heartbeat for fear, the Rabbicorn has her body triggered by similar emotions.  It is all zeroes and ones but the scientist questions what constitutes life.   So this is a bit strange but, when I created the Rabbicorn I imagined the whimsical things from which she was built and in my mind I imagined her heart to be connected to a music box on her back.  The music box reacting to the various emotions that were now a part of her.  When a strong emotion is triggered in the Rabbicorn then the music box will begin to turn and the spokes were retractable to change the tune.  In the scene two it is activated by separation from the scientist who created her.

        When she was done
        she knew the Rabbicorn must go
        and that the government
        must never know
        For they would not
        care about her heart
        they would rather
        take her apart
        So she gave her to
        a man she met that day
        who had mentioned that
        it was his son's birthday
        She made him promise
        to look after her
        and for the first time
        the Rabbicorn's heart did whir
        As she looked back
        she said "Please don't fear"
        and as they drove away
        wiped away a tear

   Scene three shows the Rabbicorn from a wooden box in the living room peeking out and waiting under a grid of computer screens.   This world, much like our own, is obsessed with multiple triggers for ones attention and the screens almost seem to look upon the Rabbicorn with concern as she may interfere with their dominance over the families attention.  The morning brings down a young boy who excitedly opens his birthday present to find the Rabbicorn.  The Rabbicorn's music box heart is triggered again by his arrival and she imprints upon him. 

        She was placed in a box
        wrapped in a bow
        on a wood floor
        under a computers glow
        In the morning
        feet did race
        a lid did open
        a child's face
        Eyes of cerulean
        looked down on her
        and again the Rabbicorn's
        heart did whir


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