Part two: The Rabbicorn story

     The third and final part of the Standby trilogy is now open on Immersiva.  All three parts are there which is a minor miracle.  Originally when the stories were created in prims they each were close to 20,000 prims for a grand total of around 60k.  Far more than a sim can hold.  But yay for mesh which has allowed me to reduce the footprint down to 19683.. which lets all three be on at once.  So this post might be long and will explain the second part of the story called the Rabbicorn.  You can read about the first part of the story called the Daughter of Gears here

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the crystal corridor
      My philosophy when creating virtual spaces is to design the narrative so that the viewer will have environments with changes in scale or lighting etc.  The first part to the Rabbicorn story begins with the viewer opening a door to a corridor of glowing crystal rocks.  Projector lighting casts their reflections over the body of the viewer until they come up to the surface of the grey sky and for some a familiar building.  It is the shed where the science lab is hidden below.  This is a structure from 26 tines     which tells the story of a maintenance robot and a little robot boy in a jar who come together at night when everyone is gone home, to connect and feel comfort through a cable.  The cable has 26 tines or spokes with which to plug into the other.   I have mentioned before that all my stories are in the same world and over the last 13 years or so I will crossover characters to show how they relate to each other.  One of the scientists from the 26 tines story is also the creator of the Rabbicorn.   She created the Rabbicorn  as a side project with the intention of trying to instill "Love" within a machine, a deviation from the war robots she builds for the government.  She succeeds with the Rabbicorn and eventually it appears in other things such as the powerpet Mr Zippers from the Singularity of Kumiko, who got the love upgrade.  Anyway I better not fall down these rabbit holes of explanations.  The science lab is again quiet with the maintenance robot still at her station and upon the work bench sits a peculiar machine.  It is called the Rabbicorn.  A mix of a rabbit and unicorn.  Spinning slowly beside it rests her heart which has not yet been installed.  Looking inside the heart will show things like a wee poem and a bird wrapped up in fishing wire which represents my father who passed away from ALS a few years ago.

On the wall is the first poem
The Rabbicorn

        A Scientist
        in a lab
        built the Rabbicorn
        from things she had
        From Tesla coils
        and a music box
        parts of a gramophone
        and fur from a fox
        She gave her a heart
        and a strong mind
        she was the only one
        of her kind
        For the ones she made
        before her
        were Robobears
        meant for war

 Ok a bit more of the rabbit hole.  This isn't important to know but the scientist from Catching Feathers machinima also works at the same place.  I will include that machinima too.

Ok I can't sum up the entire story in one post or it will be massive so I will do a series.  


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