1.5 days not 2

I was away the last few days for family christmas stuff and I have returned feeling surly. You see.. I am both charming and loving with family for 1.5 days. Sadly I was there for 2 days. This is the preface to my impending snarkiness. I came home and logged into second life to see what was up. Before I left I had a show at Uqbar Arena. Its an Italian sim showcasing SL art. Well I was told that a Gaziva Babeli had come to see my work and was filled into to the mystery surrounding this person or persons. I was given a landmark by my friend Luce Laval to see Gazivas work. It was a great build of a tap spewing a multitude of objects ranging from cows to star wars cars. I saw an island beside it and flew over to see if it was related. I landed and saw immediately that it was one of those lame sims that put out campfires with beach towels and other real world stuff.

Yes thats the picture there... even a diving board. I walked around the corner and was shocked and saddened to see a big floating sign with my Art Schools name on it. Now this was terrible for two reasons. First is that my art school has a sim and they put a campfire with beach towels down. Second is that about a year ago I sent a proposal to them offering to set up second life and to teach a course within second life for the students. I was told that the schools direction was determined internally rather than by external sources. Meaning courses are not decided by "outsiders"
I think I have had a small amount of sucess and having me be a part of their presence in second life should only improve their program. I most certainly would not build a campfire with beach towels.

Ok I will stop venting. Sometimes people come into second life and they dont really see its potential for a while. They try to recreate the real world. They build a replica of their art school. This appeals to nobody. Ok perhaps their students come and say "Hey this looks a bit like our school" the first time they see it. But that happens once. So don't build a replica.

Look at the picture below. Prepare yourself. Its a meeting room with a twist. Look closely. "Holy christ!" you may shout "Why that meeting room has no roof! what if it rains!" This was the most NPIRL thing they could come up with. Hey look in the sky OCAD! why thats me in the picture.. I am flying.. because in second life i can freaking fly.
And you know what else? I can teleport too. (Bryn calms down)

Perhaps I am being unjust crucifying my old art school this way.
Maybe they just need to figure things out and will shortly become a strong influence within the second life art world. And I was with the family for 2 days rather than the recommended 1.5 days. There are factors to explain me being surly. I think I just need to relax on a virtual beach towel somewhere. Give myself some time to forget my father telling me not to put my hand in the blender while its on. WTF!? do you really think you need to tell me not to put my hand in the blender?
I mean seriously Dad why would I put my hand in the blender while its on?

Oh I almost forgot. They put a flag on the sim. I really don't like that for some reason. You know, now that I think of it I probably shouldnt write blog posts while I am feeling snarky.


sororNishi said…
nah....its not just your familly, relity in SL REALLY DOES suck. xxxxxxxx
sororNishi said…
reality is an anthropomorphism, anyway...:))
Maya Paris said…
Your snarkiness has me grinning.When i first joined SL i walked around some cardboard-cut-out RL recreations, crashed a few times, thought "what's that all about" and didn't return for almost a year. Then i found Carleon Isle. Changed my view of it entirely and made me determined to learn a whole new set of skills. Something's starting to take shape now. So thanks.
Corcosman said…
Well, if they started with beach towels and flags, there's nowhere to go but up! (We won't mention the 'down the drain' possibility.)

I remain less than enchanted with my old school's 4 (Count 'em, 4!! Or is it 6?)full sims. Some people seem to have more money and prims than they know what to do with.

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