An image in Vogue

     It is ironic that I am in Vogue magazine as my fashion choices involves various clothes in black.  I will stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour.  That's not true I actually do wear grey sometimes.  I am as elegant as a black friday Wallmart aisle fight.  I have all the grace of someone
trying to put on a sweater with one sleeve inside out.  My sense of direction is so poor I would get lost on the runway.  All these attributes add up to someone who should not be in Vogue.... unless.
    Unless it is about art, I can do art ok.  So it was a nice surprise when Linden Lab said they were contacted by Vogue who wanted some of my images.  My plan is to get the print magazine and strategically open it to the page where my art is shown and pretend the magazine fell off the bookshelf to that page for when friends and family visit.  They will stoop to pick it up and say "Oh is this  your art?" and I will be all like "Oh seems so, I am not really sure how that magazine got here but yeah I guess they must have put my art in there, I hadn't really looked at it.  I don't keep track of that sort of thing"  play it all cool and indifferent.  And if they don't notice it on the ground then maybe I will say something like "I think I dropped my contact lens on the floor by this magazine.. can you help me find it?  it may have fallen on that picture there" or actually I could just tape the magazine, open to that page, to my face so that when they talk to me they actually have to look at the article instead of my face.  Anyway, I have plans.

     So here is the link to the article.

     Would have been nice if they had embedded the machinima in the article since it better shows what the virtual space is like, though still not the same as experiencing a virtual space.  If you have not seen the machinima for Lady Carmagnolle you can watch it below if you like.  Oh and I am on instagram as bryn oh now if you want some phone candy.


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