Arts & Algorithms - Retrospective and Singularity of Kumiko on Immersiva

Condos in Heaven
Annas Many Murders
     In Titusville, Florida, opens a digital arts festival entitled Arts & Algorithms.  It will run from October 3-12, 2014 and is sponsored by everything from Galleries, Universities to NASA.  Dr. Gary Zabel contacted me quite some time ago to be involved in the festival and, speaking to him recently, he informs me that the entire organizing committee is very enthusiastic about what they have seen.   I have contributed two elements to the festival in the form of a region housing a retrospective of my work from 2007-2014 on LEA 9 (graciously provided by the LEA to the organizers) and my region Immersiva.  The retrospective was quite a challenging endeavour for two reasons.  The first being that all my early work from 2007 and later have all been unlinked and the prims had migrated.  I suppose that was a result of various changes over the years to SL, but yikes what a pain to reassemble things.  When I say prims migrated I mean,
World Expo and Orrey from "My Avatar and Me" movie
Rabbicorn Story
for example in the image above, that the head of the man might appear a foot over from his neck, and the boys elbow might be in a different spot etc.  All things to move back to their original spot, but when its lots of them it gets tiresome as you can imagine.  Linden Lab should really offer a service either as a perk of being a premium member or as an added charge, which allows builders to make a copy of their work which can then be loaded again at a later date.  Essentially a region rollback that the user can do themselves or schedule.  A region rollback is generally when your region has become all messed up and you ask Linden Lab to restore it to how it was on a previous date. A saved version of your region at a particular time.   But for example, the Singularity of Kumiko is an elaborate build.  After I delete it in a month or two, I doubt I will ever put it out again as the time and effort needed to reassemble it manually is quite daunting to think about.  Now imagine if I could set up Immersiva so that each week I could have a different build appear.  The first week of October is The Daughter of Gears, second week is Rabbicorn story, third Standby, then Annas Many Murder, Virginia Alone, Imogen and the pigeons and so on.  Second life needs content for the users, imagine the incredible amount of content that could suddenly appear for people in SL if sim owners could all do this.  Also, there are many regions that have been the same for years.  Builders sometimes create works which are very hard to let go of, especially when you know you will never bring it back if you delete it.  Offering this type of
Daughter of Gears
service would allow builders to keep creating new regions rather than sitting on a successful design for years.  Ideally, tier wouldn't be so stupidly expensive and people could keep one build and then on another region build something new, but I don't expect region prices to drop until the next SL comes out.  Anyway, back on topic.
Singularity of Kumiko
     The retrospective shows glimpses into what my full region narratives were like, machinima for each can be seen by clicking the titles.   They will be shown at the Art & Algorithms event on a screen and will allow visitors to the exhibit to navigate using an avatar.  On a second screen will be the full narrative of the Singularity of Kumiko on my region Immersiva.  So the guest will also get the opportunity to navigate the full immersive
Singularity of Kumiko
Nuit Blanche
Vogue Magazine
experience of a build as well.  This, to me, was very important as the immersive experience is what my work is really all about rather than individual pieces.  They have just now sent me an image of what the viewing stations for my artwork will look like and they are pretty impressive. I will post images later when they send me some.  Apparently they are not on the market yet, these viewing stations, but they kind of remind me of those robots in Star Wars that roll around everywhere then transform into a scorpion type bad guy.  Here are a few images of things that I don't think are mentioned in the retrospective but still part of Bryn Oh's history.  The first to the left is an image of Immersiva being shown on a monitor for Nuit Blanche, a worldwide art festival that goes from 7pm to 7am.  A huge fun all night thing.  They exhibited my machinima on all the subway monitors across the entire city of Toronto in a loop.  It was a surreal feeling being out that night waiting for trains and seeing my artwork on the monitors.  Hundreds of people on the platform watching them and not knowing it was me who created them, seeing as I am anonymous and nobody does know except a few friends.  The other image I am fond of is the Vogue magazine one which had me in an article.  It was just so completely strange, I mean really how on earth could I be in Vogue? So bizarre.
     In closing of this erratic blog post I will mention that there is another LEA region with more artists exhibiting at the event, but I don't have any information on it yet. I am not actually even sure if it will be public as they were concerned with lag.  I was looking on my radar and there are 18 bots there! For information on this one please contact Pixels Sideways.


Mos Kingsley said…
Wow! Congratz, I imagine you feel proud as well? I think you have every right to be. Great to see how your work pops up in so many different places. Guess the virtual world is all around us! :)

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