I was going to write a post on a Peter Greenaway project I am involved with this week but something more important has come up. It's actually pretty cool and I will blog it in the next week or so.

Tezcatlipoca Bisani is a much loved purple wolf in Second Life. He is an incredibly intelligent and funny person who has achieved amazing things in his life yet is the type to never speak of them, as he is too modest. A few years ago Tez went to Puerto Rico to work in shelters. There he found a street dog whom he fell in love with. Her name is Marisol and Tez brought her home to Boston with him when he came back.
On November 2nd a dog walker took Marisol along with four other dogs to Middlesex Fells reservation in Boston where a Pit Bull attacked her. Another dog stepped in to help Marisol and was savagely mauled and is now in the hospital. Marisol fled and has not been seen since.

This is a link to a map with info on where Marisol has been spotted.
Middlesex Fells

And this is a site that has been put up to help find Marisol.

Tez has been searching for Mari and has even hired a bloodhound to try to track her but to no avail. I had a pet dog who disappeared one day and I know the terrible feeling that brings. If anyone can think of some way to help Tez find Marisol, either by donating to rent the bloodhound again or if you are in the area and wish to have a walk about looking then please do so. I really wish I could do more to help.

Tez is the purple wolf in this machinima I made a few years ago.

hahah none of them knew why I was filming them. I am so evil.


Anonymous said…
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