Vessel's Dream at Burning Life

If you enjoy exploring and discovering my builds without any help then don't watch this machinima nor read the post!

     Burning Life has arrived again with art curated by the wonderful White Lebed.  She has taken up a difficult job which was done last year by Poid Mahovlich.  I always admire people such as White and Poid who take up these thankless jobs where if it is laggy.. well then its their fault.  However, if all goes smoothly with great art.. then the artists get the credit.  If anyone has a gesture where you shake your fist at the sky then now is the time to send it to White.

     My work this year is fairly personal.  It is about how things can drive one to the solitude of virtual worlds.  In the machinima music by Godspeed you Black Emperor, you will hear a man who gets very angry relating a story about his speeding ticket.  Myself, it is not what he is saying, but rather all the rage coming off him in waves which affect me.  He is a symbol of all those things which drive one away to a quieter place.  Vessel's Dream combines characters from Immersiva with a new story which interprets a poem I wrote called Lilac.  In the build Bryn Oh has placed her horns in the night table and her wings against the wall.  The Rabbicorn is on the bed and she dreams of happier times.  She flees first life to Second Life and from there goes to her third life which is Lilac.

This is a cam build, which means your avatar will get to a point where you can only continue by using you camera.  Very few people will ever get past the first two rooms because of this.  But there are plenty of artists who build things that are accessible to everyone, so I refuse to feel guilty.  Some people like my work for the challenge and discovery, the hidden parts and the need to click on things, I built this for those people.  If you are unaware of how to use your cam then here is a quick run down.  Sorry I only know how to do this on a PC.

Hold down your Ctrl and Alt at once, and keep them held down.  Now move your mouse over something.. your friends face or a sculpture... when it is over an object hold down the left mouse button.  Now with all three held down move your mouse.  You will notice that you rotate around whatever your mouse locked onto.  You use this to maneuver your cam so that you can see into cracks you normally cant see into.  If you release the left mouse button and use the scroll wheel you will zoom forward to what you were looking at.  Next you would move the mouse onto another object further into the build and then again hold down the left mouse.  But always keep the Ctrl and Alt held down.  It is very much like being spiderman.  Anyway, I hope some of you can make it to my build and below is the SLURL.


Anonymous said…
replace Ctrl by Cmd and welcome to Mac World. ^^
Thanks for your beautiful work, once again ...
White Lebed said…
With all due respect, I disagree about the "thankless job" part :) I get to watch how wonderful art appears out of nowhere and to hang out with some of the most interesting people in SL, like yourself. In many cases nothing would happen if it wasn't for my involvement. And to be honest, knowing that my participation helped brining some of the coolest content in SL to public viewing is more than plenty when it comes to "thanks". I am sure Poid would agree with me.
I am super proud of what you and other artists did this year at BL. Absolutely worth every second I spent there.
Great tip about caming!
Lindsay Kelley said…
bryn, i so loved this, and I have to tell you, watching the machinima did not spoil it at all. I watched it on npirl, without the spoiler warning, and I must say I am glad I did. It helped me know how many rooms I would find, so I didn't miss anything.

btw, on my mac (white MacBook), I used "ctrl + option/alt."

really beautiful! thanks for all you do.
Anonymous said…
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